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Don’t Make Me Think (Krug)

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.09.05 PMWhen reading these chapters by Krug, one statement really stuck with me as I have been working to create my own website: “When you’re creating a site, your job is to get rid of all the question marks” (13).  This seems to reiterate some of the main ideas of the Garrett reading.  Everything should be efficient and intuitive online.  I can attest that when I end up on a site that is difficult to navigate, I am likely to not even try or continue on the site, blamming myself for the confusion.

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Focus on the Audience

Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works (Redish)

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.09.05 PMWhen I first visit a site, I generally have a purpose.  I probably found it from a direct search on a search engine or I already knew about the site.  Some like to browse the Internet and hope from page to page more leisurely.  However to keep both types of Internet users happy, it is important to have informative and interesting pages.

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Scope and Strategy


The website I will be building is intended mostly for potential employers.  The scope of the site will be very simple but aesthetically pleasing.  It will include no more then five pages and will look representative of my personal style and personality.  My resume and writing samples will be included.  I would also like to incorporate this blog, contact information, and “about me” section and a short story about my aspirations and what academically and professionally motivates me.  I am also considering including my strengths and personality profile.


My strategy is to provide relevant information such as a resume and writing samples.  I think it is also important to include my career goals and past experiences in depth so the viewer can determine if I am a good fit for their company and if I have relevant experience.

User Experience

User Experience and Why It Matters: The Elements of User Experience (Ch. 1 Garrett)


Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.09.05 PMWhen I think of user experience, apple products often come to mind.  They are iconic in the market due to their sleek design and attention to detail.  While the company has strived to be innovative, their success is often credited to their image and reputation.  This is especially evident as many felt that when Steve Jobs, the face of the company, passed away, the company would not be able to maintain the success and growth it had seen in past years.

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Academic Excellence Video Storyboard

To express the academic environment at Furman, I plan to include the perspectives of students, faculty, and staff in regards to academic rigor, expectations, and affects on the student body.

The video will open with Furman’s gates and head towards the library.  I want to show shots of students studying, using the library tools and working hard, but also the unproductive, distracting side of the library that has resulted in a library that is abnormally social.

Furman Entrance Way

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Point of View

Point of View (Ch. 3 Douglas & Harnden)


ownmedia.cgiScreen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.09.05 PMWhen I think of the importance of point of view I instantly think of The Sound and The Fury.  With each chapter, I struggled to understand what year it was and who was recounting the memory.  Each perspective helped to craft my understanding of the family.  While it was sometimes quite difficult to understand where the story was going, I enjoyed this varied form of providing the information.  The book utilizes first, second, and third person point of view and explores the perspective of all the main characters.

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Creating Meaning with Editing

Visual Storytelling: Videography and Post Production in the Digital Age (Ch.8 Osgood and Hinshaw)


Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.09.05 PMIt is easy to idntify a shot that is out of place as it disrupts the story.  However, most of the time we barely notice shots and their transitions – which is exactly the point.  They are so effortless that they are not even noticable.  However, this chapter by Osgood and Hinshaw, has made me appreciate the importance of intentional editing.

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Image Forces

The Two-Dimensional Field: Forces Within the Screen (Ch. 7 Herbert Zettl)

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.09.05 PMWhen viewing an image, I rarely consider what has influenced my understanding of the mood of the image.  The field forces can drastically change the meaning of the image, as you will see below.  Such possibilities remind me that when I see an image it may have been manipulated to convey a different meaning

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